What is the Third Place? 

In Summertime it is for adventure stories.

In Wintertime it is for stories of who we are.

It is a real life alternative to T.V.

It causes generation mixing.

It helps reduce the cost of living:
* less expensive to hang out,
* collect time-saving, money-saving advice,
* a place to advertise services.
Foundation of mutual aid societies.

Entertainment provided by the participants.

Gives the gift of friendship.
Avoids the obligation of Guest and Host.

A get-together without any purpose.

A hang out place.

Ideal means of relieving stress.

Ideal way to foster laughter. 

Promotes spontaneous and effortless behavior.

A place that’s inclusive of everyone.

Gives you the choice of company or being alone.

Plain, undecorated space.
Reminiscent of old country inns: anyone can perform.

Multiplies the opportunities to run into people.

Multidimensional relationships are the strength of a community.

Conversation is the main activity.

A gathering place that is neither home nor work.

Informal gathering places.
A place which provides the social anchors of community life.

Time to enjoy these places becomes available if they are located close to home. 

A port of entry to newcomers and visitors.

Places where information is easily obtained.

A place where those with special interests find one another.

It provides a third leg to make a stable life.

A place which unifies a neighborhood.

It promotes the habit of association generally.

A place that is a leveler, by its nature, an inclusive place.

Brings people together for the same objective purpose.

The ‘right people’ (regulars) who go there make it come alive.

Acceptance of newcomers is essential.

It extends psychological comfort and support 

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