Transition Town Video Training Workshops and Film Festival:
Looking Back to Our Future;
Envisioning our Communities in 2030
Sponsored by local Transition Town Northfield and Warwick,
Bernardston/Northfield Community Television,
and local Historical Societies and Libraries

The goal of the video training workshops and film festival is to create a cross generational experience that looks at how we can draw from the past in order to create a vision of resilient communities in the future. The video training workshops are an opportunity for any local resident of any age in the area to become acquainted with local documentary video makers and the
videography process. Participants are then encouraged to create short films that envision ways their own communities can become economically and environmentally sustainable over the next 20 years. These films may then be entered into the film contest and shown at the film festival in the spring of 2011.
We are hopeful that through this process, filmmakers and viewers can look at ways their own communities and beyond can embrace the challenges that lie before us in the years ahead.

Any resident of the area is invited to attend the video training workshops and to submit a film for consideration for the film 2011 film festival. At the film festival, there will be a juried contest and prizes will be awarded. (See contest rules for
specific information.)

Entries will be judged on the following elements:
• Level of creativity
• Historical content and use of archival resources;
• Interviews with community elders, organizers, and townspeople;
• Use of still photography and film or video footage acknowledging and within copyright restrictions;
• Consultation with teachers, advisers, tradespeople and others;
• Demonstration of some aspect of your own community (e.g., transportation, energy, agriculture) and how it applies to the future and to the local economy and environment.

BNCTV will be providing free video equipment with instruction on its use in addition to technical support throughout the project. BNCTV will also be holding an open house during which participants can view the studios and learn about the equipment. There will also be workshops offered at BNCTV to provide hands-on assistance with filming and editing. Technical and historic resource advisers will be available to answer questions, locate resources, and provide assistance.
The film festival committee will be available to provide information about specific guidelines for content, length, citing sources editing, etc. Volunteers from the community are encouraged to get involved and provide guidance and expertise.

Beginning Oct 10th, you may share footage with Otis Wheeler and/or Bree Kehmeier for assistance with any final issues or problems prior to the submission deadline.
Submission deadline is the 24th of October.  (See Contest Rules for details)


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