When it is necessary to obtain copyright permission, you must either contact the copyright owner or an authorized agent. Listed below are two authorized agents that might help speed up the process. Copyright Clearance Center Inc. acts as an agent on behalf of thousands of publishers, authors and other creators, directly or through their representatives. CCC can provide quick turnaround time for your requests. There might be a charge for obtaining copyright permission. This service only provides copyright permission; it does not provide the article. RSI copyright provides quick turnaround for your requests, and gives you the content of the articles from which you are seeking copyright permission.

Both sites keep track of your requests so that you have proof of compliance and allow you to instantly renew existing licenses. You can also obtain copyright permission directly from the copyright owner. Often, the copyright owner of an item will be listed in the formal copyright notice, but not always. If the information is not listed, contact the author or publisher. Oral permission is legal, but it is better to document the permission with a letter.

Web Sites to Consult for Further Information

Sample Letters for Copyright Permission - includes examples provided by the University Of Texas Office Of General Counsel.

U.S. Copyright Office Information Circulars -offers basic fact sheets and circulars that address fair use and other copyright issues.

The Guide to Copyright Compliance - is an interactive guide instructing users on copyright compliance. 

Using Copyrighted Music

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