Locally Made Films:  How Communities are Working toward Sustainable Living



The submission deadline for 2 non-returnable DVD copies of your work is

October 17th, 2014




1.         Any individual or group of people may submit a film that meets the guidelines. (See # 3 & 4)
2.         All entries must be suitable for general audiences.
3.         Film production must take place in the Greater Pioneer Valley.  Film content must directly pertain to issues, places and people within the Greater Pioneer Valley.  Decision on films’ applicability will be established by the Organizing Group.
4.         Video content must include sustainable elements in your town that can guide residents toward a resilient and or sustainable community by 2030 in the face of economic instability, diminishing natural resources and rising fossil fuel costs, global warming, and other economic and environmental challenges.
5.         The overall film topics are primarily based on sustainability and community resiliency and include food/farming, health and medicine, education, economy, transportation, energy, housing, environmental activism, and creative ways of informing the public about these important topics. For more Transition Town information:
6.         Films may be submitted by adults or young people 18 and under. Applicants can enter competitive or non-competitive categories.
7.         a. Films will be six (6) minutes or less.
            b. All entries must be on DVD in NTSC format. HD is acceptable but not required.
c. Entrants in the Competitive category will receive prizes.
d. Non-competitive entries are submitted for possible viewing at the Festival.  All qualifying films will be featured online.
8.         All films will be judged on effective story telling elements and technical proficiency by these following criteria and rated from 10 (most effective) - 1 (least effective) on:
         1.  How the film presents ideas of Community Sustainability.
               2.  How the film presents ideas that can guide residents toward a more resilient Community.
   3.  How the film shows ways of community building.
               4.  How well the film was produced technically (video and audio).
               5.  How well the story was told (editing).
               6.  The top ten films will be ranked from 10 (most effective) - 1 (least effective)      
            If you are not clear about the judging criteria, or want more information, please contact us.
9.         a. Filmmakers must be able to provide documented permission for participants and copyrighted materials to be used in the Film Festival. Music [songs] or musical score must be Original, Public Domain or used with written permission of the Copyright Holder
b. Entrants retain all copyrights and must grant permission for their film/videos to be shown on Community Access Television stations in the United States, on other Television stations internationally as well as be featured online.  The Organizing Group of the Film Festival reserves the right to reuse the film(s) within the context of the Film Festival, which may include additional screenings and distribution to local libraries.
10.        While all films will be aired on the Community Media Centers, only up to 10 films will be shown at the festival due to time constraints.  Filmmakers may submit multiple films, but the Organizing Group reserves the right to limit the number of films per filmmaker shown at the Festival.  The week of the event, filmmakers will be notified by email if their films(s) are being shown at the Festival. 

Members of the Film Festival Organizing Group are available for:

 Content questions: Tina Clarke, Eastern Region Transition Town Trainer,, 413.658.8165

Judy Phillips, Organizing Group,, 978.544.2653

Judging elements:  Carol Courville, Exec. Dir. AOTV,,978.249.4470

and Tech support:  Scott MacPherson, Station Mgr. GCTV,, 413.774.4288or your local CMC

 email: or visit:




By October 17th, 2014, please send your 2 DVDs along with and the form below filled out to

the Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival, GCTV, PO Box 807, Greenfield, MA 01302.


Please indicate the categories you are submitting in:  

            ___   Adult                                               ___  Competitive                                                            How did you learn about

            ___  18 and Under                               ___  Non-competitive                                                           the Film Festival?



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Name:___________________________        Address:_______________________________________


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   Parent Signature if Minor Submitting                                                                                    Date




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