is in hibernation until spring,
but we are OPEN by appointment!

            We are again humbled by the support of volunteers, neighbors who donated tools, and responsible borrowers. Gifts include a belt sander, router, and band saw, and we were able to purchase a (frequently-requested) sawzall recently. The town has generously erected additional walls under the overhang roof at the transfer station tool shed, substantially extending our storage area, which will keep us from tripping on rototillers and enable us to continue to add larger tools. 

            There has been interest expressed in a log splitter, power-washer, and cider press. If you have these or other tools sitting around not being used, or used only infrequently, please consider donating them to the Tool Library! If you are interested in seeing us purchase such items, indicate your interest with a monetary pledge toward a particular tool or an outright donation.  We strive to serve you, and we can do even better if we have the tools you need! 

             We are not staffed through the winter, so if you want to borrow tools or make a donation,

please call 413.225.3196 or email

to make arrangements to meet at the shed when the Transfer Station is open. Our inventory is posted on the bulletin board in front of the tool library, on our Facebook page: and on

of the
2015 Pioneer Valley
Transition Towns Film Festival


1st Place: Rob Deza  Nuestras Raices
2nd Place: Janet Masucci  Root Cellars

 3rd Place: Janet Masucci   Electrify Your Bicycle

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