Transition Northfield Mission

is a creative community-based response to economic instability, resource depletion (peak oil) and climate change. Its aim is to engage residents from all aspects of our community to work together in a positive practical process that local resilience and economic vitality. It is flexible and fun, encourages local creativity, and results in a stronger, more cohesive community.


Northfield Fix-It Fair:

A free repair day in Northfield

You're Invited!

           On April 7th, from 10 am to noon, local handy-people will gather at the Dickinson Memorial Library with the goal of helping townspeople fix broken items. Participants may be encouraged to learn how to repair items with some coaching, or might be given recommendations about where to take something if the repair is deemed too time-consuming or complicated to be fixed during the event. Our intention is to help folks figure out how to fix their items and give those things a longer life. We strive to avoid being in competition with local businesses.

          New Englanders have a long tradition of mending, fixing, and repairing. These skills are valuable, and this event hopes to give fledgling fixers the confidence to give it a try! Many products these days are made to be thrown away, but fixing them saves resources, both money and material.

          Bring your enthusiasm, your knowledge, and whatever you’ve been holding onto, just in case it might be fixable. We’ll have stations to repair jewelry clasps, clothing in need of mending, toys that need a little glue, bicycles that could use a spring tune-up, furniture with a loose part, knives or tools that need sharpening, lamps that need repair… The Fix-It Fair cannot accept cell phones, computers, items under warranty, engines or items in need of welding, or any live pets.  We can’t promise to revert something broken into “good as new,” but we’ll give our best effort to impart an extended, serviceable life to whatever you bring to the fair.

          This event is sponsored by Transition Northfield and the Dickinson Memorial Library, with support from Kidder and Company. We hope you can join in for this fun day of community repair.


The Northfield Tool Lending Library

 The Northfield Tool Lending Library will be opening for the season on Saturday, April 14th!  We hope to be open every Saturday, 9 am-12 noon through October. 

 We are looking forward to another year of sharing garden, auto, and light construction tools among neighbors. Our inventory has expanded over the years--come check out the shed, or find a list at  or on  our Facebook page:

Volunteers who staff the tool shed on Saturdays, those who fix tools, neighbors who donate tools, and responsible borrowers all make this delightful endeavor possible. If you're interested in helping out, the tool library would love to have you! 

As always, we are open by appointment through the "off-season". If you want to borrow tools, make a donation, or be trained to volunteer, please call 413.225.3196 or email to make arrangements to meet at the shed when the Transfer Station is open. 

Join the Northfield E-News
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If you would like to join Transition Northfield for this coming together and/or join our email list, please let us know via transitionnorthfieldMA@gmail or contact Judy at 978.544.2653. 

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