Transition Northfield Mission

is a creative community-based response to economic instability, resource depletion (peak oil) and climate change. Its aim is to engage residents from all aspects of our community to work together in a positive practical process that local resilience and economic vitality. It is flexible and fun, encourages local creativity, and results in a stronger, more cohesive community.


If you would like to join Transition Northfield for this coming together and/or join our email list, please let us know via transitionnorthfieldMA@gmail or contact Judy at 978.544.2653. 

Northfield Tool Lending Library is hibernation…

but we are open by appointment through the winter.

Perhaps you’ll need a roof rake, or drywall and painting supplies.  Look no farther! Our updated inventory is on our Facebook page NorthfieldToolLendingLibrary  or click here:  Tool-Lending-Library.  If there are tools you’d like to borrow, please call 413-225-3196 or email to make arrangements to meet at the shed when the Transfer Station is open. 

As always, we're in search of volunteers to help repair tools or staff the tool shed.

Join the Northfield E-News
A free and easy-to-use electronic news, views and events forum and bulletin board for Northfielders
via the private social network at Just go to the website
and type in our zip code and you can join the “Rivertown/South Mountain” neighborhood.

Spring is only a couple of months away!!!

It’s time now to prepare for the first

Northfield Fix-It Fair

This free Fix-It Fair on April 7th at the Dickinson Library with all local talent and skills is an exciting, fantastic opportunity for coming together and welcoming Spring!

 We could use some help developing this early spring event to:

-Find people who can offer their skills and the loan of some tools in five repair areas:

Jewelry, Sewing, Bicycle, Simple Furniture and Knife Sharpening.

In addition we need to a volunteer team of folks who who will help with the organizing of the event, outreach, engaging local organizations and businesses and flow management.

We currently meet via Free Conference Call.  If you would like to join in the preparation, please contact
Judy 978.544.2653, Julia 413.225.3196, or Emily 413.225.3028.

All are welcome



of the
Pioneer Valley Transition Towns Film Festival

Locally Made Films:  How Communities are Working toward Sustainable Living


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